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Daedalic anuncia Patch 2.0 para Blackguards 2

Daedalic Entertainment anuncia que el parche 2.0 para Blackguards 2 está a punto de ser lanzado el próximo miercoles en Steam, a continuación les detallamos (en ingles) las mejoras.


  • Fixed issues with passing blow interrupting AI scripts on special occasions
  • Fixed win conditions with petrified enemies in several end game battles
  • Removed two possible timing issues with Sandghost «devour» attack
  • Fixed soft freeze when Kulminatio level 3 hit its target
  • Fixed possible soft freezes when AI’s died during their turns
  • Fixed an issue with speech being interrupted if app focus was lost
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to start the campaign with only mercenaries
  • Fixed Korean book font
  • Fixed Problem that potentially hindered the process of Zurbaran’s story
  • Fixed graphic glitches when applying overlays to pot helmet
  • Fixed animation glitches in training fights
  • Fixed a couple of battle-log issues with special attacks of monsters
  • Improved sound fix in cut-scenes
  • Fixed some issues with NPC barks
  • Removed unnecessary colliders in scenes to improve performance and stability
  • Improved crane load dropping precision
  • Added “game over” trigger if thief in Labyrinth 3 dies before pulling the lever
  • Added “game over” trigger if Cassia dies in Labyrinth 3
  • Fixed alternative win condition at Niobe’s estate
  • Fixed Blood Organ’s Jumper conversion issues and conversion count for achievements
  • Fixed one minor AI issue with Legionnaires sometimes not using levers correctly
  • Fixed a bug in Insectoid Archer AI concerning attacks on destructible objects
  • Improved scripted camera movements during in-battle dialogues
  • Added missing blood organ to battle of Mengbilla
  • Fixed LOS issues with the inner wall in Mengbilla
  • Improved escape zone functionality so players don’t have to wait inside escape zones until win is triggered
  • Improved take cover routines in AI. Melee fighters in cover will now properly fight back from within cover
  • Fixed a win condition issue in the Lorfas preparation battle
  • Cleaned up hex-field in Goblin mine, disabled cells with obstacles
  • Improved team-AI reactions on bridge outpost battle
  • Fixed an issue with the gate in defend battles of the first Chimera creator
  • Fixed some minor issues in Ghouls’ berserk behavior
  • Fixed dialogue timing in first expedition battle


  • reduced critical hit chance of bounty hunters to zero
  • lowered Adamant’s Astral Points, delayed Sandghost respawn in Adamant battle
  • corrected Stamina consumption for several special attacks of monsters
  • increased damage output of Cassia’s trained spider
  • increased fire resistance of insectoids and legionnaires
  • Increased damage of daggers
  • Increased stamina cost of dual wield maneuver
  • Added damage bonus to 2nd level and above of «Hawkeye Marksmanship» spell
  • Added knockdown resistance to «Standfast Catlike» spell
  • Increased total adventure points gained in easy mode
  • Increased parry chance of enemies in hard mode
  • Trainers in Heldenrain before Jungle-fight
  • Changed difficulty-value for Mengbilla and Adamant-Fights

Aquellos que han comprado el juego por Steam recibirán la actualización de manera automática el proximo miercoles.

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